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General Information

Colorado Pain Specialists (CPS) is devoted exclusively to advanced interventional pain management. Our physicians are nationally recognized leaders in the pain management field. We regularly receive acclaim for providing the highest quality, most state-of-the-art techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of back and neck pain.

Our team of expert physicians are on the forefront of advanced interventional pain management, treatment and education. Our physicians present regularly at lectures and symposiums and participate in clinical studies. We welcome requests to do educational sessions both for the medical community and the general public.

Our practice is dedicated to the principal that you must accurately diagnose the precise cause of the pain before you can effectively treat it. Our focus is the establishment of an individualized, conservative treatment plan that is unique to each patient. Only after this crucial plan is completed do our physicians utilize their impeccable skill, and their knowledge of the latest minimally invasive techniques, to expertly perform the appropriate procedure to treat their patient’s pain.

Because we believe in working as a team with our patients, we pride ourselves in fully educating our patients about what is causing their pain. Only with this knowledge can our patients work most effectively with us to preserve the pain relief we have been able to bring them. Together we concentrate on relieving pain and returning function. On a daily basis, we learn how our efforts have resulted in huge improvements in quality of life for our patients.

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